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"Your story was captivating and inspiring!"
I had the privilege to welcome Gavin Booth to our Salomon headquarters and invite him to share his story about his expedition across the South Pole. His talk was much more captivating than we could imagine. He took us with him to every step of his journey, from the dream to the preparation and every degrees to the geographic South Pole. We each caught a glimpse of the discipline, resilience,  the mental fortitude and physical robustness through the harsh conditions, all the technical skills mastered, needed to accomplish such a journey. What an inspiring and extraordinary talk. It was truly a privilege!

Anne-Sophie Guyon, Salomon, Annecy

Speaking Engagements

Gavin has spoken at corporate away-days, "outside-in" events for businesses, and given talks for charity and community events. He describes the lessons learnt and success factors from his expeditions, and the power of momentum and importance of preparation and resilience for his South Pole expedition. He has been invited to speak for organisations in the UK, Europe and the US.
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